Caravan Care Plus Super Sealant

Caravan Care Plus Super Sealant

During the purchase of your Caravan through Stowford Caravan Centre, we will be able to offer you the option of having a Caravan Care Treatment applied to your new van. We work with a company called Caravan Care Plus who travel to our site to do the application before your handover, so that the van is treated and ready for your collection.


The Super Sealant can be applied to the Exterior of your caravan, giving it round the clock protection against damage and deterioration from everyday use. The treatments also helps to protect against the natural elements, such as acid rain, salt air, UV light fade, bird droppings, tree sap and black streaks.


It can also be applied to the Interior upholstery, with a transparent sealant that protects against spillages.

Contact us on 01271 889339 for enquiries or to book your treatment.